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TB and Infertility

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TB and Infertility

TB (Tuberculosis) is the infectious disease and infertility is the inability to conceive, so is it possible that TB increase the infertility issues in couples?

Well, yes TB can cause infertility, but usually it does not show any kind of symptoms until the infection has advanced to a severe level and can affect the infertility in women as well as in men. In the woman it causes tuberculosis in uterus and fallopian tubes where as in the man it cause tuberculosis of epididymo- orchitis, as a result of which no sperm can get into the semen.

TB only cause infertility when it infects the genital tract, which is very hard to diagnose and called as genital TB. It affects the fertility of a person by distorting the normal anatomy of the reproductive tract. Genital TB is responsible for infertility in 5-10% of women. The only way to diagnose this TB is by culturing the tubercle bacillus from the tissue and sent to the lab for testing, while it takes time to grow in lab and by the time it shows positive signs, patient will arrive at an advanced stage.

Now the treatment for genital TB is available with the help of a therapy known as Lymphocyte Immune therapy (LIT).

Various patients neglect the diagnostic test for TB when they are unable to conceive, but it might be the major cause for your infertility problem. So it would be good to test and ensure the root cause of infertility.

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