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Test Tube Baby

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ivf test tube baby

Test Tube Baby

Test tube baby is another name for IVF procedure, where sperm and eggs are collected, fertilized in the laboratory and the resulting healthy embryo is then transferred into the uterus.

For whom it is done?

If the female has both fallopian tube blocked or absent, if she is suffering from severe endometriosis or the male partner has low sperm count, unexplained infertility or any other reason by which the fertilization which occurs in outer part of the fallopian tubes does not take place.

What is done?

Firstly some fertility drugs are prescribed to female partner to increase the production of eggs. When eggs are produced, it is taken out from her ovaries with the help of fine needle under the guidance of sonography and kept in a dish with an environment mimicking inside of the tube. Then the best quality sperms (given by male partner) are combined with the eggs (we can keep the fertilized egg till day 5 up to Blastocyst transfer) and placed in a machine called incubator.

For how long the couple has to stay for the treatment?

It will take around 10 days for the process, no need hospital stay as there is no operation and can stay in the city in any hotel nearby the clinic.

How frequent are the visits?

The test tube baby treatment starts mostly from 21st day of the cycle (first visit). Doctor either gives you one packet of subcutaneous injections for 15 to 20 days or he may give you one depot injection and call you after 15 days. After 15/20 days (second visit) one sonography and few blood tests are done to see the status of the uterus lining and ovaries. Doctor starts second group of injection called Gonadotropins which continues for 10-12 days.

In second protocol( Flare) : Physician prescribes one Oral contraceptive for 21 days, preceding the actual treatment cycle. He/She starts the Gonadotrophin injections from second day of menstrual cycle. Usually it goes for 10-12 days.

After 7/8 days, sonography and blood tests( if required) start to evaluate the growth of egg containing follicles. When the eggs are matured, hCG is injected and after 36-38 hours, eggs are retrieved. Retrieval of eggs is performed under anesthesia( hence no pain) and it takes normally 5-10 minutes, hence the female partner has to be empty stomach overnight.

Semen sample is taken from the male partner and sperms are prepared. Couple is allowed to go usually after 2-3 hours. After 3-5 days, the couple is asked to report for embryo transfer which is a painless procedure after the embryo transfer. The female partner has to take rest for 2-3 hours and also advised not to do heavy work for few days.

Additionally female is given either injections or vaginal capsules for progesterone starting from the day of egg retrieval and till the pregnancy test is done, which has been performed 12-14 days after embryo transfer through the blood test or urine test for beta hCG.

Chances of getting pregnant at Ideal Fertility Center

At present, we have 65% pregnancy rate for 21-30 yrs age, 42.5% for 31-35 yrs age and 22.1% for 36-38 yrs age per embryo transfer. Overall take home baby rate is around 38.3% per embryo transfer.

Total Care Team

At Ideal Fertility we have full team to take care of all your problem and care including emotinal Counseling.