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1. Training in Reproductive endocrinology and Fetal medicine

2. Dissertation in Biotechnology

3. Bridge Course On Biotechnology

Foundation for Research in Reproduction and Genetics is a unit generated under the banner of Ideal Fertility : ICSI,IVF and Genetic center,Jabalpur MP.

This organization is recognized as an ISO 9001-2000 certified institute and test tube baby center. The research and clinical laboratories are spread over 2500 square feet area with a workplace equipped with state of the art instruments and facilities for advance research in the field or Tissue culture, Chromosomal analysis and Karyotyping, Molecular Genetics and microbiology, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection and in-vitro fertilization ,embryo biotechnology, semen analysis and immunology.

Course Objectives:

The purpose of the course will be to provide an avenue for participants to enter into the field of reproductive biology and fetal medicine. An opportunity to gain greater appreciation of the biological processes of human reproduction and genetic disorders.

The Equipments availableThermal cyclers for PCR, CO2 incubators and two Triple gas incubator for cell culture and in- vitro fertilization, Nikon light microscope and Nikon advance inverted microscope ,Narishige Micromanipulators fitted with advanced phase contrast and Hoffman module, Fluorescent immunoassay readers from Bio-merieux,France. Cetrifuges, regular ,high speed and microcentrifuge Liquid nitrogen storage tanks and vitrification systems for human gametes and embryos Nikon systems of Micro-photography 4-D Ultrasound machine and Color Doppler Regular freezers and deep freezers.

Fully equipped cell culture laboratory with laminar air flow and warm stages Class room with digital light processor projection system. High speed broad band internet connection. Well equipped operation theatre with state of the art monitors. Full fledged endoscopy unit to carry out various gynec and infertility procedures. Fetal monitor from GE for pre-Labour fetal monitoring Facilities for fetal tissue sampling and prenatal biochemical screening for fetal aneuploidy.

Course details :

A) .Reprodctive endocrinology and infertility (Five Days Course)

Starts From : Wednesday –Sunday of first week of each month

Course fee : Indian Rupees: 30,000

Theory: 2-2.5 hrs each day

Starts From : Wednesday –Sunday of first week of each month

Course fee : Indian Rupees: 30,000

Theory: 2-2.5 hrs each day


  • Retrieval and identification of animal oocytes and their in-vitromaturation.
  • Sperm preparation

B) Fetal medicine and genetics for obstetricians - 5 Days Course

Starts From : Wednesday-Sunday of second week of each month

Course fee : Indian Rupees : 25,000

Theory: 2-2.5 hrs each day

  • Gene structure and functions
  • Detection of mutations and genetic variations
  • Prenatal diagnosis of human genetic disorders e.g. beta thalassemia, sickle cell anemia
  • Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal anomalies e.g. Down syndrome
  • Cell cycle, cell division and cell biology
  • DNA diagnosis of diseases and karyotyping
  • Application of FISH in genetic disease diagnosis
  • Immunogeetics
  • Fetal genetic sonogram
  • Color Doppler to identify fetus at risk


  • Primary tissue culture: Harvesting of human chromosome and karyotyping
  • DNA diagnosis of human papilloma virus in cancer cervix
  • CVS and Amniocentesis

Stay can be arranged at nearby hotels in groups at an extra cost

Foundation for Research in Reproduction and Genetics is a unit generated under the banner of Ideal Fertility : ICSI, IVF and Genetic center,Jabalpur MP.

Dissertation facilities

Our unit is one of the best center in India with state of the work in Reproduction and Genetics under one roof. It gives ample opportunity to the students to do their research work at one place. The topics will be mainly in the field of tissue culture of various origin, cell biology, molecular genetics , DNA biotechnology and PCR , molecular microbiology, and embryo biotechnology.

Who can apply

The dissertations can be arranged according to the need of the students who are pursuing their degree course in M. Sc. and in biotechnology.

How to apply
Please send the following information:-

  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Recent letters of recommendation ( written with in 2-4 weeks of submission) 
    by your professors, chairman of the institute
  • A color passport photograph
  • Address ,telephone number
  • Provide the date when you can begin the dissertation.

Application fee of Rs. 300.00 as a draft/cheque in the name of Dr. D’Pankar Banerji, payable at Jabalpur. ( for outstation cheques add Rs. 50 as clearance charges).

Where to submit

Dr. D’Pankar Banerji
Program director
Ideal Fertility : ICSI,IVF and Genetic Center
1st floor,Deshbandhu complex, Naudra Bridge
Jabalpur,MP 482001,India
Phone : 91 761 2627711
E-mail :


Dr. D’Pankar Banerji , Consulting Gynecologist and test tube baby specialist Dr.Mrs. Rinku Banerji, Consulting Pathologist and Embryologist

Other important information's
Candidates should note that all appointments for research training are for minimum period of two months .
Candidates must have independent funds before being considered for an appointments . Examples are support for living expenses and other materials. 
A dissertation fee is required from the candidates who successfully meet our other requirements and selected after the scrutiny of CV and/or interview.

Dissertation or research work do not result in the award of a degree . Successful completion of the training results in the award of a certificate of dissertation from our Foundation for research in Reproduction and Genetics.
Candidates are encouraged to publish their findings in scientific journals .
The Course fee for various topics are on the sole discretion of the program director. 
The foundation will not take any responsibility for any future placements of the candidates.

Placement opportunities after the dissertation
As these dissertation works related to human biotechnology and medical field and more clinical, these training gives a candidate an upper edge to get a job in any big hospital or laboratory .This interaction will orient the student ,how to study and how to apply the knowledge of science in day to day field . These courses will help the candidate to face various interviews conducted by various companies.

3. Bridge Course on Biotechnology.

  1. Introduction to cell biology
  2. Microscopy

      Microscopy :Stereozoom, Trinocular photomicrography, Inverted Microscopy

  1. Cell cycle and cell division
  2. Primary tissue culture, introduction to tissue culture

      Culture media preparation for tissue culture

  1. Detection and measurement of genetic variation
  2. Monohybrid/dihybrid, mutations, Mendelian genetics


  1. Replication
  2. Transcription and translation

       DNA isolation from blood

  1. ovulation induction for in vitro fertilization
  2. Human ,genetic diseases

         PCR demonstration

  1. Embryo biotechnology and stem cells

       1.Hands on retrieval of mammalian eggs under stereomicroscope maturation of oocyte
Harvesting of culture
In-vitro maturation of oocytes
1.Single Gene disorders
          Cryopreservation of Spermatozoa and oocytes
    Banding / slide preparation /identification of chromosomes harvested earlier
DAY 10
Seminar by the participants
Certificate distribution

FACULTY DR.D’PANKAR BANERJI, Gynecologist and Infertility specialist
DR.MRS.RINKU BANERJI, Pathologist and Embryologist

Fees : Rs.5000.00
Phone Number to contact : 2627711
Stay can be arranged at nearby hotels at a reasonable rates at an extra cost


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