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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

When the sperm count is very low ,then a single sperm is injected in to the egg. Even if sperm are absent in ejaculate, then sperm can be extracted from testis ( Testicular Sperm extraction). it needs a micromanipulator with which an egg is held by suction and with a sharp needle a single sperm is injected and the fertilization is achieved. It is a boon for the couple where the routine IVF is not successful because of failed fertilization by conventional IVF or where the sperm count is very low or sperms are nonmotile.


If the female partner has both the fallopian tubes blocked or the female is suffering from severe endometriosis or the husband is very small number of motile and normal sperms or any other reason by which the fertililization which occurs in outer part of the fallopian tube does not take place.

MESA - Test tube baby

MESA stands for microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration.


It is for those females who stopped menstruating either naturally or prematurely and thus their stock of eggs are exhausted and they wish to carry a pregnancy.


This method is meant for the cases where the female partner is not releasing her eggs regularly leading to irregular periods with long intervals.


It helps to store the sperms for long time and can be utilized whenever required. .


To see any cavity by a rigid or flexible telescope is known as endoscopy, through a natural opening or making a small key hole.

Blastocyst transfer

Blastocyst transfer is an unique method of transferring embryos into the womb. In natural fertilization the uterus receives the fertilized egg on 5/6th day after sperm fertilizes the egg in woman’s fallopian tube at a stage called blastocyst. In ICSI-IVF cycle we are now transferring blastocyst stage embryos in to the womb by culturing them in sequential media for 5 days. It helps to select best growing embryos amongst the lot and reduces the chances of multiple pregnancies. As the it is more close to the natural fertilization, the implantation and chances of getting a pregnancy is higher. For this long tem culture we are now using triple gas incubators with reduced oxygen concentration (more close to natural environment)



Under IVF Treatemnt India- It is a method by which the baby in the mother's womb can be diagnosed whether it is suffering from thalessemia major or with sickle cell disease. Tissue sampling is done by chronic villi biopsy ( 8 - 10 weeks ) or by amniocentesis ( 11-14 weeks ).As it represents the baby in-utero the analysis of the tissue helps to diagnose the baby. The diagnosis is done by DNA PCR method. It is most sophisticated method in the world and gives appropriate results in 98-99 % cases.


Its main activity is to diagnose anemia in females of reproductive age group from macro to molecular (DNA ) level hence a proper reason can be found out and the female can be treated specifically.


In cases of repeated abortions both the partners blood is checked for any chromosomal defects by growing their blood cells artificially.

In cases of earlier birth of Down syndrome (kind of disease with mental retardation )baby ,further birth of similar baby can be prevented by analyzing the chromosomes of the earlier baby their parents and if required of baby inside the uterus.

FISH (fluorescent in-situ hybridization)

It is to be incorporated very soon. It will give the diagnosis of various genetic disorders in few hours (compared to days in chromosomal analysis and DNA diagnosis)

The center treats various hormonal diseased of the adolescents regularly like increased hair growth at unwanted places ,irregular periods, obesity etc.

The center is equipped with all kind of state of the art equipments for DNA based pathology like for hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis etc.

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